Are you an artist or entrepreneur who feels pulled in 50 directions?

Has what you really want to do become more of a hobby you don’t have time for than a business you love?

Are you ready to shift out of hobby into business-mode and profit from your passion?

Join the Creative Entrepreneur’s Success Club!


Membership Includes: 

  • An initial private one-hour planning and strategy session with Coach Rahti.
  • 1-hour virtual group sessions three times a month, to hone your mindset and marketing skills.
  • Assigned accountability partner–stay on point with weekly check-ins!
  • 4-hour group immersion to awaken your inner CEO!
  • Interim email & phone call support included in membership
  • Private Facebook group where you can share, collaborate, post questions, and get updates.

Sound like these levees might hold you?  

Email me at rahti@creativecallingcoaching.com to schedule a conversation!

See what past members are saying: 

“As an independent artist and primarily solo creator, it was important for me to find someone’s help to cut through the clutter when there’s too much on my plate. I’m so glad I found Creative Calling Coaching. My sessions with Rahti have been insightful, wise and to the point.  Her expertise in assisting me to stay on track and make creative breakthroughs has been a real gift.”  – K. A.


“I have been able to isolate and focus in on what is needed to approach my music with clarity. Helping to create the space and get back to the creative task at hand. A difficult undertaking when one becomes overwhelmed with the necessities of daily life. Rahti has helped me to become more directed, accountable and aware so I can fulfill the creative obligation I have with myself. No easy task. I recommend her to anyone who has the need to reclaim his or her creative self. Her methods are practical and transformational simultaneously.”  – J.K.

At a very difficult moment in my life Rahti helped me to get organized, prioritize, reinvest myself in my work and make things move forward in my field.  Consequently, I had a solo show in The Netherlands which then snowballed into other shows.  I really appreciate Rahti’s careful and generous guidance.  She knows how to get to the center of it.”  – C.V.