I’d like to address another symptom of the virus many of us are all struggling with whether or not (if we could get tested) we’d test positive or negative…   

It is a common loss many of us are experiencing as we do our part by sheltering in place….  

And that is our loss of productivity AKA


You would have thought what with all this extra time you’d be finishing projects, reading books, getting in shape to work out videos, bringing back the art of letter writing….but no-OO-oooo.

Instead, you just stay in bed till 10 (or later), zone out to the news with your coffee, putz around with Facebook, free-associatively google everything you’re even slightly curious about and then….

HURL yourself into action half-dressed only because there’s some sort of external accountability involved like a meeting or cooking for your family….

only to find yourself at the end of another day shamed in the face on your wasted potential.  And you decide:

What a loser I am.

Sound familiar?  If so please remember that if anybody talked to a friend of yours the way you talk to yourself you’d punch them in the face, even if you’re not someone who punches people in the face.  

So why are you so hard on yourself?

Because you are in the dreaded clutches of inertia, my friend.  

Inertia: That sickish state whereby you can’t motivate yourself, feel bad about it, think all manner of unkind things about what a waste of human life you are which makes you feel worse so you reach out for the nearest bit of brain candy to keep yourself from eating your own head, which you then do anyway because you know you’re wasting your time ‘doing nothing’…

And all the while guess what?  You’re not doing nothing!  You’re busy as hell.  

Or busy IN hell I should say because thoughts are actions and actions have consequences. 

 Watch the replay of my latest live stream if you’re interested in learning how to break out of this soul-crushing vicious cycle of decay (hey, if you’re going to poke around Facebook or binge-watch reruns you may as well…)

If you do, you will…

  • Learn how to quiet the mind and follow it into productivity instead of your own personal labyrinth of self-hate
  • Gain a simple tool that will allow you to be productive again and actually overdeliver by under-committing
  • Have an opportunity to get a nice little gift as a reward from me for taking the next step in your path towards loving your life and living your purpose!

So right now….or after Cuomo’s briefing tomorrow, whatever…watch my talk on Overcoming Inertia.  

I’m pretty sure you’ll be glad you did.