Okay, let’s see. In the last two weeks:


  1. I got my wallet lifted, with all the attendant pain-in-the-ass that entails…
  2. I had jury duty and was considered for a murder trial,
  3. Then I twisted my ankle and fell down in the street at lunchtime (complete with crowd gathering.  I’m fine; I think I was just so stressed at the prospect of being selected for a murder trial.)


Fortunately, I was eliminated on day two because I asked for clarity around “reasonable doubt.”  

Here’s a little two-line play about that:

At rise: A Courtroom in the United States.  Twelve prospective jurors are seated for voir dire.  A woman raises her hand to speak to the presiding judge:

Me: So, you’re saying that if something we hear is not allowed into evidence, we have to ignore it, and convict or not based only on what we’re allowed to consider, but then what if in my gut–

Judge: You’re excused.

End of Play

Phew.  As the mother of a teenager, I felt it was important to set an example and show up for my civic duty.  I mean in some countries, as the judge aptly pointed out, there’s mob justice and they throw people off of rooftops.  So I went forth in earnest…

But I questioned the rules of the game.  

It’s nice to know that sometimes all you have to do is be yourself for things to work out alright.

Suffice it to say that I’m ready to blow off some steam.  


That’s why I’m really looking forward to this Wednesday night.  That’s when I’ll be holding court at the…  

Spark Manhattan

Freelancers Holiday Happy Hour

   On December 6th at 6:30PM!

I’m emceeing!

It supposed to be a party, and I plan to make sure of it.

So bring business cards and a designated driver.

For details, CLICK HERE….but ignore the fact that it says its sold out.  It’s free which means that half those people won’t show up.

Instead, RSVP to me HERE.


And guess what? If you attend, I’ll be offering a fast action discount at the event to my end-of-year  Creative Calling Coaching Emergence!


Come spend some time working ON your business, and create the breakthrough you’re looking for IN your business!


Here’s what you’ll take away:

  • Clarity on the value you offer and what your clients want
  • A networking and support opportunity with other professional creatives
  • Insight into the characteristics that hold you back and how to counter them!
  • A strategy for 2018 so you can more effectively in growing your career!


When: Sunday, Dec 17th

What time: 12-5PM

COST: $97.

Free to members of The Creative Entrepreneur Success Club.

Where: Uptown Roasters, 355 7th Ave, Park Slope, NYC