• So I’m out here in Bushwick having just done some interviewing and on-air coaching at #radiofreebrooklyn.  And once again I realize the power of community…in particular, creative community.  Interdependance is a fact of my life and when I fail to embrace that I inevitibly fall upon hard times.  I don’t forget too often any more.  I loved doing a podcast on my own a few years back, but since there was no ROI in broadcasting from my bedroom on Blogtalk radio I stopped for a couple of years.  And now this  G-d send!  At Radio Free Brooklyn I feel Ive gotten in on the ground floor of something.  Something in synch with who I am.  Something free-wheeling yet disciplined, with a motive.  All these groovey Millenials and Gen Xers are winging it with a purpose!  And that is to share their loves, their art, their lives, their causes…so that they can give back and make a difference via the air they  breath.  Bushwich of course, is a new frontier.  The new East Village.  And being someone who identifies as terminally East Village (as a casting director once called me), the shoe fits well and I’m having a ball. Here’s a peek at the proceedings today: https://www.facebook.com/RadioRahti/posts/679741998820943   My show is scheduled on Wednesdays from 6-6:30.  As previoiusly, I call it Radio Rahti.  Its about living the life you want.  And money is never a reason not to.  There are many ways to get something for free. Here’s one: dial in at that time to  718 395 3731 and get some on-air coaching.  Yes, it’ll be pretty public but coaching isn’t therapy.  As Robert Prichard, former empresario of Surf Reality in Manattan and one of the producers of Radio Free Booklyn so aptly put it, a coach is an editor for your life; I help you tell the story you want to live.  So call in and start living out-loud!


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