Set Your Intention Anew Each Day

Every morning is a chance to start over.

As a coach, part of my job is to help clients create yearly, quarterly, monthly and weekly goals…

They are pretty much on their own with the daily ones.  

Not because my tribe isn’t working on new actions, systems and habits they’ve established through coaching on a day to day basis, they are!  But because I can only really be there in person once a week to support them with intentions set for the future. We live through conventional reality one day at a time afterall.

For this reason, I strongly recommend they reestablish their intentions at the beginning of every day.  It is far too easy to be hijacked by emotions, worries and physical discomfort otherwise, and consequently not follow through on what really matters.

Most of my clients use a journal of some sort for this purpose.  There are many fine ones on the market designed specifically to keep life and career goals front and center on a day-to-day basis.  You can check out several: Self-Journal, Michael Hyatts Full Focus Planner, and Evo are three that I’ve recommended.  But my current favorite is The Bullet Journal, which is really more of a flexible template than a pre-formatted $40 book because you can use any notebook to create one.  

What all these jourals have in common, in addition to keeping you focused on overall goals, is that they give you a place to set down what you identify as the three most important things to get done on a given day, directly in relation to your overall weekly, monthly etc. goals.  This, I find, is much more effective than a ponderous, less-than-prioritized to-do list.

Additionally, and you can do this within any journal, I recommend integrating what Brian Johnson calls a Carpe Diem journal.  (If you do nothing else, the following practice will make a very positive impact on your life).  It basically sets your heart and mind in the right direction for the day by identifying the qualities you wish to embody in three primary areas: Energy, Work, and Love.  Each day, shortly after I wake up (or at any point in order to refocus) this aspect of my journal looks like this:


Todays entry is as follows:

Intention: Serene self-advocacy
Energy: Relaxed
Work: Playful
Love: Kindness

You can also use people, living or dead, famous or within your circle, even yourself, whom you view as exemplars in each area.  (What’s wonderful is that because you are never the same one day to the next, your exemplars can change to capture the essence you intuitively know you need to inhabit.) See this picture from a page in my journal, when my practice was to do both:

I’ve allowed this ‘Carpe Diem’ system to change, because to remain sustainable, all systems must.  For me they tend to get simpler.

This practice takes about three minutes, but its impact is profound. Because without setting clear intentions day to day, something far different than what we truly desire could be the cumulative result of our efforts overall.

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  1. Kaddy
    May 9, 2019

    I love this! And was just sitting to journal and shall put it into practice right now at lunch!

  2. Kymberly S Dakin
    May 10, 2019

    Just what I needed at the time I needed it! Thanks Rahti ;)!

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