Boredom – it’s like kryptonite to someone with ADHD…or it can certainly feel that way. 

Here are some ways to counter the anxiety and lethargy (usually both simultaneously) generated by boredom:

  1. Bribe yourself. Got something you treat yourself to every day? A streamer or a piece of chocolate? You don’t get it until you finish what you’re putting off or don’t want to do. 
  1. Make a boredom sandwich: Fun/boring task/fun.
  1. Sometimes boredom can stem from feeling overwhelmed. Break the task into smaller, more manageable pieces. This can help you feel more in control and less bored. If you can break the tedious activity down into smaller tasks, you may feel overwhelmed, not bored.
  1. Find ways to make the task more enjoyable. Gamify that shit! For example, if you have to clean the house, try racing against the clock. Or do it as a character; I used to clean house in a bowler hat and striped knickers as a ‘Lunette the Clown’ type character…I kid you not! Suddenly doing laundry felt weirdly subversive.
  1. Use auditory focusing apps like or do a search on YouTube for ‘focus music’ or ‘binary beats.’
  1. When all else fails, laugh at yourself and your boredom. Fake-laugh for three straight minutes. You will feel dopamine and re-energized! Laughing Yoga is a way to process many tasks I prefer to avoid.

In conclusion, boredom may feel like kryptonite, but it doesn’t have to be your kryptonite because YOU ARE NOT WHAT YOU FEEL. Wear a funny hat, break tasks into smaller pieces, gamify, and find humor. You can overcome boredom and become engaged and interested in life– you’ve got this!