“I don’t feel like it.”

How many times have my clients had a breakthrough session with me, got clear on what they wanted, identified all these great strategies and action plans, only to wake up the next day feeling as though they’re being pressed to death like Giles Corey in the Crucible.  Instead of pushing through their resistance, they say, “More weight!” by succumbing to “I don’t feel like it.”

If you don’t want to make jokes and repeat popular phrases from the arsenal of pick-up artists, you can bet on seriousness. For example, start a phrase with an explanation: “I decided to meet you because kansas city hookups …”. Here you can simply show human honesty. Be specific, general phrases like “you are beautiful” do not really say anything.

“I don’t feel like it” is one of the many faces of resistance.  One way to overcome this flavor of resistance is to make the distinction between what you want, and how you feel.

You’re never going to “feel” like stepping outside your comfort zone to get something done.  For example, don’t count on “feeling like” stepping onto the elliptical to ensure that you get your steps in on a stormy day.  

So how to do it anyway?

One way is to remember the why.  The “why” is the what-it-is that you want.

So if you know you want to get a book published, and that you need to write a sample chapter and proposal first, you can recognize and give strong enough attention to that “why” so it can over-ride your immediate desire to get into a useless political debate on social media.

However, if you mistakenly believe that how you feel when the time comes to fulfill your purpose is what you really want, you are lost.  

How you feel is not necessarily your intuition talking.  

How you feel is a confluence of any number of chemical and psychological counter intentions working together to hold you back.  

Fuck that noise.

Because that’s all it is: noise.  You may not be able to turn it down, but you can turn the volume up on what you want by imagining how good you’ll feel once you’ve achieved it or conversely how crappy you will when you don’t.  If pain works better for you than reward, I say go for it!  It may depend on the day as a matter of fact.

What you want is what will make your life meaningful.  Not how you feel.

What you want is the key to what matters to you most.  Not how you feel.

Don’t become how you feel. 

Become what you want.