One of the unexpected benefits of life during the pandemic was the elimination, in many instances, of FOMO: Fear of missing out.

If you don’t go to that restaurant, show, party, networking event, place, class….you might be missing out!

Another large Connecticut establishment – Mohegan Sun is one of the largest in the United States and occupies 33.8 thousand square meters, offering to choose one of 5.5 thousand slot machines and 377 points for table games. The history of American civilizations and Indians allows you to get acquainted with the culture of the indigenous population of the United States.

Yes, there was still plenty vying for our attention virtually.  But that was so much easier to manage than the calls to leave the house and put on a show of one sort or another.

Let me explain what I mean by ‘put on a show’:

This time has been a boon to extraverted introverts like me, and many of my clients.

Extraverted introverts ‘turn it on’ as needed… we even enjoy doing so once we’re into it.

But it takes preparation.  We have to work up to it.

So glad to have less of that noise.  

While I know this time has been quite difficult, moreover tragic, for many creative entrepreneurs it has created the space to work at our natural pace and settle into an authenticity of being.  We didn’t have to struggle with saying ‘no’ because there was so much less to say ‘no’ to.  

So much competition has to do with showing up in a certain way; looking, sounding, timing things just right.  In that sense, for many of my clients, the playing field was leveled.

Professional standards of communication became more forgiving.  Some found this alarming…I saw it as a relief, which did not obviate the necessity to improve.  On the contrary, I think it enabled forgiveness for more necessary mistakes on the path to excellence.

As society continues to open up, I encourage you to keep going at your own sweet pace.  If in terms of your online presence it’s made you bolder, continue to make mistakes. You can always leave the zoom room, cut short, or delete the livestream afterward.  Believe me, few if any will be the wiser.

So what do you not miss pre- ‘Rona?  What FOMO have you dropped in the service of being and doing what you really want to do, and how can you keep from getting caught up again in all that running around?  What has our collective experience revealed for you in terms of what matters most?

Let those revelations be your guide, when FOMO strikes again.