Things really hit the fan this past weekend, didn’t they?

We are all part of the collective consciousness. That’s why you know exactly what I’m referring to, at least here in the states, since we are only a portion of this volatile globe.

As with any collective, etheric or material, each member is responsible for the welfare of the whole.

I have two dogs (if you’ve read this analogy of mine on Facebook, please forgive the redundancy.) Max and Pookie hang together. One is a yorkie, the other a toy mixed breed. They are brothers, but from another mother. Still, when they see a threat, such as a skateboard or rottweiler, their tiny amygdalas light up like firecrackers and they erupt into hysterical barking, hurling themselves towards the offending entity like the Killer Rabbit in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Now usually, if they’re not on leashes, they’re behind a gate, so they can do nothing to put a stop to the threat (which would, I’m sure, be an awesome sight. They’d either be flattened like furry pancakes by an oncoming car, or used as dental floss by said rottweiler.)

And so, in their mutual impotence, stuck behind that gate or tethered to their leashes, they turn upon each other like The Fighting Panthers by Georges Gardet.

As humans, we have evolved into a species somewhat more complex than the canine. But lately our baser instincts seem to have taken over, and not just as evidenced by the presidential election. Facebook has become a virtual colosseum in the last couple of years. Not only is it misused as a distraction of interest, but one of intense emotion and division. The sick thing is, there’s an almost irresistible pull to partake when one feels baited. I’m speaking from a place of pure metacognition, people.

I got sucked in big time just yesterday, for instance. Note: I find this most tempting when I am under-occupied, or lacking the spiritual presence to sit with my boredom or despair until the next right action becomes clear.

So I’m writing this as a reminder to myself, and I hope you will partake if it applies: Feel the feelings, take constructive action (which does not include finger pointing on Facebook) then leave yourself and everybody else alone. Nurture your gifts and tend to your goals.

As for Facebook and any other social media platform, skim for networking and other supportive opportunities, then promptly walk away. Try setting a timer. 15 minutes is all it takes.

Here’s what I think: your visibility and success will only make the world a better place and raise the collective consciousness.

That’s how you roll, or you wouldn’t be here.