Did you know people with ADHD function better under pressure than neurotypical folk? 

This is according to studies cited in what seems to be a very well-referenced article. Upon reading the statement: “ ..the intense emotions that can end up disrupting cognitive functions in a non-ADHD brain are exactly what a person with ADHD needs to get those same functions working effectively,” I was bowled over by how succinctly put this was. 

A relative of mine, whom I only recently found out was diagnosed with ADHD as a kid (which explained a LOT), has frequently demonstrated high function under pressured situations where almost everybody else was panicking uselessly. Apparently, this has to do with dopamine levels, which have been found to be deficient in people with ADHD. 

So in order to deal with the boring stuff, which could be argued is most of life, it helps to have tools to generate dopamine. Meds help (although people are finding it harder to get them lately.) So does coffee, although not more than four cups a day. Drinking more than that could start creating other problems. 

“World Music Therapy Week” just ended. It was worth celebrating because music is the purest form of dopamine supply I can think of and a terrific antidote to a host of common ADHD challenges, including time-blindness, inattention, anxiety, and depression, to name a few. 

The influence of medications used in the treatment of ADHD, such as methylphenidate, was found to have a positive effect on the perception of time but of interest; the same effect was found when monetary rewards were offered [29]. The investigators in this study hypothesized that this finding was due to dopaminergic deficits or abnormalities in subjects with ADHD, as the offer of a monetary reward could also induce a spike in dopamine [29].

So now that you know a lack of dopamine is theorized to be a direct attribute of time-blindness, what are some other healthy ways you could get your daily requirement?