Profit From Your Passion

Profit From Your Passion

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An enlightening session amongst other entrepreneurs in a safe space to explore where I am at now and what my plan of attack is for the upcoming year. So many takeaways that it will take time to process through them all. Looking forward to the next one!

KF Organizing LLC

Rahti has the rare skill of being able to hear what you are really saying. She guided me as I sorted through the many ideas I had regarding my professional life and ultimately led me to the nugget. Along the way, she helped me work through some heavy career- and life-related issues, setting me off with a clear head to enthusiastically pursue my new career. I can’t thank her enough.

Jennifer F., Marketing Writer

Working with Rahti has finally changed my approach to doing my artwork. Rahti is always able to pull from her vast resources of knowledge–giving guidance, encouragement, and gentle admonitions if necessary. She guides you with nuts and bolts-advise like having a family “business” meeting to more nurturing spirit-supporting tools. Every pearl of wisdom is tailored to each specific person though most advise is eagerly embraced by all the participants. I cant stress enough how important it is to have a community of folks who are struggling with common difficulties and are able to support and encourage one another. Having this group, with Rahti as our coach–rah rah! has meant making real strides in staying on track with my work.

Mari, Artist/Illustrator [email protected]

As a coach, Rahti has made a tremendous difference in my college age son’s ability to understand and implement skills needed by the young professional in the creative arts field.  Rahti’s personal yet very professional approach is educational AND motivational with impressive results.

Karla T./Relieved Mom

As a certified ADHD, Creativity and Life Coach, I can support you in achieving the results you’re looking for. Together we will create a path to your success that fits with your unique situation. Ready to profit from your passion and get happy in the process? Lets do this!

Do you struggle with…

Time Management

“I have great ideas but no follow through!”


Getting Organized

“So many ideas, I don’t know where to start!”


“Work, family… I don’t have time for creative work!”

Building a Strategy

“I can’t finish things! I feel completely overwhelmed!”

My Coaching Practice

As a certified Life Coach, my methodology has produced powerful results for those seeking to address creative, personal or professional challenges, and lifestyle issues such as time management and physical well-being.

As an ADHD Coach, I am trained to understand adults with ADHD and their unique brain wiring. This enables me to effectively partner with you in creating custom strategies that utilize your strengths and imagination.

It’s time to profit from your passion.

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