Worry is the opposite of mindfulness. When you’re worried, you’re nowhere near the present.

When we release our interpretations (aka judgements), we are able to practice discernment in relation to our circumstances and conditions.

Discernment is what allows us to make more constructive choices, as apposed to judgement, which is borne of worry or judgement., Judgement leads to the opposite of mindfulness.

Practicing mindfulness is therapeutic because it disabuses us of our delusions about ourselves and others. Those delusions are what make us unhappy.

Not reality. 

The great thing about mindfulness is that you don’t have to go sit on a mountain to become mindful, or even a chair for any set amount of time.

Just look at the palm of your hand.

Or whatever is right there in the room for that matter. You’ll start to naturally notice the wonders of just being. Like how your breath just happens to you, for example.

There’s dust on the computer screen. Oh. Never noticed that before. 

I’d probably see the screen better if I cleaned it. Maybe I will. 

Note my lack of judgement. Discernment is just about the facts, without judgement. Judgement says: “my computer screen if filthy! What’s wrong with me??’

The next time you find yourself really pissed off or upset with yourself or someone else, try just focusing on something without thinking about anything. 

Do that for a few beats. Discernment will follow.