Hey Creatives, Entrepreneurs, Folks with ADHD, and other “Divergent Thinkers”,

3 Keys to Your Next Step In Life When You’re Pulled in 50 Directions

Using the Runway Method for Decision-Making

At a very difficult moment in my life, Rahti helped me to get organized, prioritize, reinvest myself in my work and make things move forward in my field. Rahti create a solo show in The Netherlands, which then snowballed into other shows

— Caterina Verde, Visual Artist

Many creative and divergent thinkers (artists, entrepreneurs, and adults with ADHD) feel cursed by the blessing that is their ability to innovate.

That’s because their inability to make DECISIONS won’t allow them to ACTIVATE!

Guess what? You CAN make decisions. All you need is a guide to establishing what matters to you most RIGHT NOW.

For over 20 years, I’ve been helping highly creative people who feel pulled in 50 directions, focus, follow through and finish things so that they grab the focus of others, get seen, and make money doing what they love!

These 3 Keys will allow you:



Get clear about what you want personally, professionally, and spiritually.



Pinpoint what matters most to you at this moment in your life.



Start taking action on that thing today by making it FIRST (because you can do many wonderful things, but not all of them can be FIRST).

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    Having just graduated from college, I found myself pulled in every direction. My representation, my family, my friends, and especially I had high expectations for my future. I didn’t know where to start–which direction would bring me the quickest success? It was overwhelming to see the bar raised so high and to feel so empty. However, after speaking with Rahti, I realized that I was looking for confidence within these expectations rather than within myself. I learned not to be hasty in trying to control where my life is going, but rather to set tangible goals towards my path most desired. It is in this advice that I have found myself a more focused and indeed a happier artist.

    — Devon Norik, Actor

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