So my nascent foray into Kabbalistic thinking of late has begun to reveal more and more interesting tools, in the form of Hebrew letters.


Yud is the smallest letter in the Hebrew alphabet.  It is a single point, suspended in midair. It represents the essence of the Divine, a point of potential, an impulse.  


We have impulses that move us forward, and those that jam us up.  Today I want to talk about the former, and how the choice is always ours to make.


On the face of things, it can often seem as though we are stuck and helpless.  A potential client doesn’t hire you. Bills come due whether you have the money handy or not.  Technical difficulties can put a delay on a means to promote your business or project and sometimes feel intractable.  


Feelings of frustration and anger arise when we start to believe that any given “how” something “should” come about does not materialize.  It helps to remember that life is much more mysterious than our plans leave room for.


Once we become aware of this and loosen our grip on the “how,” our impulses are no longer turned inward against ourselves, ultimately resulting in complacency or depression.  


Rather, they are freed again to propel us forward.


Once we trust in that divine point of potential in everything, the Yud, we can start to “think outside the box” of the How we previously placed all our faith in.  We are free to act and create once again.


One of my favorite coach-y platitudes is “whether you believe you can or believe you can’t you’re right.”  So first you must believe you can. You must cultivate that faith.


Yet faith alone is not enough.  


In order to create success, faith needs to be coupled with flexibility.


So the question to ask yourself whenever you feel stuck is this:  Am I wedded to a “how” that is not panning out? What do I want, and How ELSE can I get it?  What other resources are available?


That question can reveal new answers, freeing you to follow the Yud.