Just got back from a weekend intensive with my business coach, Monica Shah . She’s all about making the money you need to fuel your dreams. She’s quite the master, so there’s scads of info I could share with you, but one of my favorite things she teaches are her “Money Types”.

For most of us, money is never just money. And how you view it can give you some real insight into what your money type is. Monica has identified four, and while we all embody a combination of them, pretty much everyone identifies with one over the others. What’s yours?


You hate to look at bills. You let them pile up and you rarely know what’s in your bank account. That’s because you find it too painful to look. On the upside, you are a visionary. On that downside, that and 2.75, if you had it, will get you on the subway. For you, money is a mystery and you dare not jinx it by looking it in the eye.


You know what’s in your bank account to the penny. You pay your credit cards off in full each month, and feel like you’re in free fall if you draw on savings, so business risks requiring you to are out of the question. Even if you could live off it for two years you’re afraid it’s never enough. On the upside, you’re responsible and take care of people. You really want to make the world a better place. On the down side, you never take the risks you need to grow professionally. For you, money is approval. Who wants to lose that?


Great soul that you are, you love to give money away by spending it on others. Its how you nurture yourself, so your inner-child has no frustration tolerance, which can lead to some major debt. The up-side is you would make a great leader and are capable of significant influence. On the downside, debt-debt-debt, jack/jill-of-all-trades, master of none. For you, money is love. (Which is a problem because it isn’t, really. It’s money.)


Many artists and the people in the non-profit sector fall under this one. Money isn’t important, art and people are. In fact, you may even think money is evil. You are very considerate and responsible but on the inside, you’re feeling rather gypped most of the time. On the upside you’re brilliant, no doubt the best in the class at what you do. On the down-side, you’ll pay others for their services (after haggling a bit because you’re broke) but would never dream of being so selfish as to charge a livable salary because you don’t really think you’re worth it. And so you’ll even lower your low prices before you’re even asked.

Are there antidotes to these tendencies? You betcha. Awareness and willingness is all. Plus accountability and support. So go to meetme.so/coachrahti and lets talk!