A highly curated circle of service provider/entrepreneurs who market to creatives. We actively support one another through peer consultancy around marketing strategies, referrals and joint ventures to grow each other’s businesses. 

MUSE is a vibrant and diverse group of professionals serving various creative professionals, such as visual artists, filmmakers, writers, tech developers, performers, composers, designers, and chefs, to name just a few. We gather around a virtual table and engage in meaningful conversations. We cultivate a nuanced understanding of each other’s businesses and, in the process, develop real relationships.

At MUSE NETWORKING, we believe in the power of collaboration and support. MUSE not only describes our members in their support of creative professionals, it stands for Marketing United Serves Everyone.

As a member, you’ll gain access to peer consultancy, marketing strategies, referrals and joint ventures, all tailored to the unique needs of service providers targeting creatives.

Our ideal members are passionate professionals making at least $50K. They range from chiropractors, Tarot Card readers, energy workers, grant writers, marketing professionals, voice coaches to therapists, accountants and bookkeepers.

So if you’re looking to:

  • Expand your professional network
  • Form complimentary referral partnerships 
  • Collaborate on complementary joint ventures
  • Boost your revenue potential

And most importantly, you understand that networking karma is indirect; it’s not about keeping score…

Consider joining the ranks of successful service providers who are of vital support to the creative industries.

Want to talk about whether MUSE Networking is a good fit for you?

MUSE Members Say...

Rahti has cultivated a group of inspiring and interesting people to learn from and network with in her Muse Mastermind. I connected early on with a great collaborative partner, and Rahti also works very hard to cultivate referrals for her members.”

Becky S.

An alchemy of insightful talent; keeps me coming back!”

Caterina V.

Excellent presentations that are very insightful, and very thought -provoking meetings.”

David B.

“Surprising insights and interesting connections!”

Kymberly D.