Annual Planning & Strategy Session

Investment of $597

My Creatives, Entrepreneurs, Folks with ADHD, and other “Divergent Thinkers”…

If you’re wondering how to best tackle the year and build yourself towards success,

How about a one on one 1.5 hour planning and strategy session with me so that we can clarify what it is you want to accomplish in your life?

  • We can look at what’s worked in your past.
  • We can look at what hasn’t worked.
  • We can look at where you feel like you’re on point...
  • Where you’re not...
  • Adjust your trajectory...
  • And lay out an action plan so that this entire year, you look back and say:

This has been the best version of me yet!

What’s great about having an annual plan is that I don’t have to carry all of everything that I’ve ever thought about doing in my head all the time. There are things that I’m going to do later in the year, and I’m excited to see that they can happen later in the year, not all at once. I don’t have to have them weighing on me now, when I know what to do now and how that’s going to build and develop my business. Rahti helped me develop all the things that I want to get done over the course of a year. I have sat down so many times and tried to do this by myself and I absolutely walked away from my desk. I just couldn’t do it. With Raht’s guidance, I was able to come up with things that are very workable for me, that I don’t feel overwhelmed by.

Lauren Astor, Happy Parent, Happy Child

What I Wish For You:

I wish for you a strong sense of purpose, and I wish for you that you be fully aligned with your why.

That Means:

You know what matters to you and you actually build your life around making sure that happens.

Whether it is creating a piece of art, finding a new job, or perhaps delving into philanthropy, my hope for you is that you can hold on to that why so strongly that there is no obstacle too difficult to overcome because willingness is all.

My planning and strategy session is $597!

So, isn’t it worth investing in yourself and setting yourself up for success this entire year?

Your action plan will come out of our conversation, which you will record and be able to revisit all year long.

As part of the Annual Planning and Strategy Session session, Rahti provides clear frameworks and direct insights that cut through the noise of your head that drains energy.  With her coaching, I have a focused plan for the year, which includes initiating strategies that simplify the work of being an entrepreneur or anyone who runs a creative factory!  Over a month later, I am referring to what I committed to and doing it with confidence (despite uncertainties), because it connects vision to reality, helping to anticipate obstacles. I am on my path, with tools to shift the plan, as needed.

Maria D’Albert-Prutsalis

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