It’s said that when you master your mornings, you’ve mastered your day.  

Morning rituals are great. Doing things to clear the mental cobwebs first thing such as meditation and exercise are powerfully constructive habits to develop.

BUT… and this is one of very few exceptions to maintaining the morning ritual… when you’ve been putting something off that you know you really need to be doing in order to move forward… you need to get out of bed and head straight for it. Period. (Coffee first if necessary.)

Then do your morning ritual.  If it’s an afternoon ritual at that point, so be it.

Two things happen by doing this: one, you’re restored by sleep, and you are barely out of the sleep state, which leaves your mind incredibly lucid and creative.  And, two, you’re focusing that creative lucidity exactly where it needs to be before you even have time to experience resistence.

I put this method to work for myself very recently.  You can hear more about that here in my very first FB Live of 2019: