So here’s a question: What are three things you’d like more of in your life?

Take a minute and jot them down.

Now here’s another question: What would you have to give up in order to get them?

Perhaps you’d like less clutter in your house.  While it may seem obvious that what needs to go is a lot of the stuff….somehow you haven’t let go of it.  Full disclosure: I used to have mountains of clothes I never wore….but I couldn’t get rid of them because every few years I’d pull something out because it completed an outfit, or was suddenly back in style.  I justified this fashion-hoarding by referring this cloth-clutter as ‘the paint in my fashion-palette’.

Flash-forward, it took a moth infestation to loosen my vise-like grip on some of these things.  But others I was able to let go of by asking myself this powerful question:

‘What do I want more?  These shoes I haven’t worn in 15 years, or the space they’ll free up if I get rid of them?’

The key to moving on is letting go.  And the way to let go is to go after something you want more.

What’s holding you back from the life you want? 

Rahti 2