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If you’re a creative person, and want to make the most of your passions and talents, yet find yourself stumbling up against some obstacles…

The Passion to Profit ProgramSM can help you begin to find new, out-of-the-box ways to approach your questions and challenges.

Here’s a fun, quick quiz:

Is there a project you’ve wanted to start but just haven’t been able to get off the ground?

Do you feel stuck in your creative life?

Do you feel like you just can’t figure out which direction to go in your work and/or creative endeavors?

Are you at a crossroads where you have to make a decision about which path to take next and the answer isn’t showing itself?

Are you unsure of what you need to be able to take the next step?

This is the perfect opportunity for you if: You’re not making a sufficient living doing what you love, and are wondering whether to get regular a job. Maybe you’re concerned about lack of security as you embark upon following your passion. Or you have a hard time making a decision about where to go just can’t figure out which direction to go in your work and/or creative endeavors?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then I invite you to register for the Creative Calling Coaching Passion to Profit ProgramSM!


The first step is clarity and understanding, and during the first month with me you’ll gain both. This program is the chance to take a fresh approach to places in your life where you feel stuck. In this six month group coaching program you will:

  • Identify the key decisions you need to make in order to make your next move
  • Learn what structures you need to have in place to insure that you’re successful
  • Gain new tools that will allow you to avoid distraction and achieve your goals
  • Learn Rahti’s 6 D’s – A system that will take you from exploration to decision to realistic deadlines – with timelines based in reality so you actually identify and accomplish your most important goals!

This is an opportunity to get out of isolation by learning from a community of like-minded creatives and an expert coach in the comfort of your own home.   Membership Includes:

    • 18 coaching calls (three weekly calls a month) with plenty of time for Q&A
    • A private Facebook group where you can celebrate, give and get support from a community of like-minded creatives
    • Recordings of each call in case you can’t be in attendance live
    • Email access to me between calls (especially great if you can’t make the live call so you don’t miss out on 1-on-1 support)
    • Planning and strategy tools and in-meeting  time to work with them
  • Your own individualized weekly action plan

Meetings are on Wednesdays at 12PM Eastern. Secure your spot today! Payment and program details will be sent to people who register. Questions? Contact Rahti at Investment Pay in full $1200 Or… 6 monthly payments of $250


If you have any questions contact me at

“A year and a half ago I was temping and finding I had no time to develop my career as a solo-performer and educator, and today I am fully immersed in my creative life.  With Rahti, I was able to create a plan for moving toward my career goals: I wanted to find a way to live as a teacher, solo performer and actor…and today, that is exactly what I do.  I believe Rahti’s guidence put me on the right path; I highly recommend her.”

I am an accomplished person with a family, friends, my own business and I go to the gym at least 3 times a week. For many years I planned creative projects, started creative projects and ached to work on my creative projects, but did not/could follow through. I was filled with frustration, guilt and regret. I contacted Rahti at Creative Coaching. She helped guide me to develop skills which strengthen behaviors that allow me to complete my creative work. She helped me discover the source of my creative roadblocks and how to move them or maneuver around them. I always thought I could do it myself, but I could not. Finding Creative Coaching helped me help myself!

Coach Rahti

As the founder of Creative Calling Coaching, Rahti Gorfien is a professionally certified career, ADHD and creativity coach who has been helping her clients profit from their passion for over 15 years.  She was recently recognized as one of the top 15 life coaches in NYC by Specializing in work with artists and entrepreneurs who struggle with ADHD or chronic physical conditions, Gorfien assists her clients in creating unique ways to move their art, businesses and life forward through emphasis on prioritization, self-structuring and mindfulness.