A certain degree of personal transparency is healthy in my profession, because coaches partner rather than fix.  As partners, we need to inspire an intimate, non-hierarchical trust in our clients.  That’s why I can successfully coach my friends and even my spouse (with  express permission of course).  For shrinks to do so is verboten (with the towering exception of Sigmund Freud and his daughter Anna.  And in a lot of ways that probably wasn’t such a good idea either.)

Therapists need more boundaries than coaches do, to do their work.  Their personal lives may be travesties, yet some of the most dysfunctional I’m told, (by my own therapist), are brilliant clinicians.  Knowing what a mess they are however would probably get in the way of the work.

Coaches on the other hand, unlike shrinks, are charged with walking our talk.  Its expected.  Which is what I love about being one.

It follows then that since anything and everything that happens in my life informs and grows me as a coach, anything and everything is fodder for this blog. This doesn’t mean I’ll have no unexpressed thoughts, of course.   What I hope it will mean is that what I put down here will be an evolving resource of epiphanic moments.  My intention in sharing these ideas is to engage, enrich and inspire anyone whose attention I have the privilege to hold at a given moment. Like yours. Right now…and so welcome….
Rahti Gorfien, PCC, ACCG
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