What’s on my mind today is kvetching.  


There’s nothing like having a good kvetch.  For those of you not andiginous to or familiar with the North American Ashkinazi Jew, to ‘kvetch’ is to complain.  (For the rest of you, Happy Hanukkah!)


In general, I’m against it.  Because I really do believe that we’re dealing with whatever we’re dealing with in order to evolve.  


But I realized on Sunday night, after succumbing to a full-out bitch-fest over a thorn that’s been stuck in my foot for sometime due to a circumstance that’s not about to change in the immediate future, I’m still here because I’m just not perfect yet.


And sometimes, we imperfect people need a safe place to vent.  I’d love to skip that step, I don’t know how karmically correct it is, but suppression, in the end, does not work.  


That doesn’t mean act out in aggression.  Rather, find the people with whom it is safe in your life to vent and feel anger without them trying to fix or change anything.  And on Sunday night man, did that feel good. Thank you. You know who you are;-)


By the way, its okay, even necessary, to ask for the air space to just bitch & moan sometimes.


So for now, I need to take the pressure off once in a while. In fact, it’s arrogant not to accept that.  


And, I will continue to strive in my spiritual evolulution ‘til the day that I don’t need to.  


Meanwhile, I must acknowledge that when the ripple effects of small, cumulative aggressions begin to corrode the wall paper of my conciousness, I can eventually implode in a way that disallows me to do the work I need to do on myself.


That’s when its time to find a safe shoulder to kvetch on.