For more information call 917 804 9572

Due to our current national crisis, I am making myself available at a sharply reduced rate to those who wish to become active in protecting and getting the vote out for the upcoming presidential election. If you’re not sure what kind of activist you are, that’s the first thing we’ll figure out together! What would be the BEST use of your skills, talents, and abilities in our quest to save the Republic? If you’ve already got a big idea we’ll get you swinging into action! If you already know what you can do but just aren’t doing it, we’ll get you off the bench and down on the field. Let’s do this!

I will also accept some barter or in-kind donations.

My availability will be subject to change and become more specific depending on response.

NOTE: There is a $50 fee for this 45-minute strategy session which will be donated in full to the Biden/Harris campaign.