You’ve got questions.  I should think so!  In fact, it’ll be so much better for both of us if you take the time to go through this page. So grab a snack, get comfy, and lets get to it…

Who are your clients and what do you do for them?

At cocktail parties my standard reply is: ‘I work with scattered creatives by helping them focus so that they can grab the focus of others.’ Focusing and following through on things will allow you to make great work and sell it so that you make more money.

What do you mean by ‘creative’?

By ‘creative’, I mean anyone who has, or aspires to having a livelihood where they are the boss: entrepreneurs, freelancers, performers, musicians, fine artists, photographers, writers, yoga teachers, tech pioneers, lion tamers…

What happens if you haven't worked with people in my field?

A pilot doesn’t need to be able to juggle just because there are circus performers on the plane. Here’s the thing: You’re doing the work and I’m doing the coaching. I don’t need to know how to do your job, I just need to do my job so  I can help you thrive at yours.

What is your job?

Coaching is a method of guidance and partnership via a special conversation that involves me listening to you and asking the right questions. Together we design solutions to your problems, plans for your success and anticipate possible obstacles so that you’re fully prepared to do what you say you will before the next session.  It involves an investment on my part in terms of time, accredited training and the willingness to hold onto what you want in your life so that when you get lost in the weeds, I can help you get back on track.

How long have you been doing this and how did you become an expert at coaching creative professionals?

You can read about my background and evolution as a coach here.

How are you different from other career coaches?

I believe coaches are defined by their clients. While I’ve certainly worked with ‘normal’ people in a variety of creative and ‘non-creative’ fields, what makes my clients special is that most of them are determined to succeed professionally despite some sort of condition such as ADHD, a learning disability, identifying as being ‘on the spectrum’ (you know who you are, you geniuses!) depression, auto-immune disease, chronic pain or other physical challenges.  As a coach, I excel at helping my clients recognize their mental, physical or emotional condition as a reason for needing to go about things differently, not as an excuse for not getting things done.

What type of people do you work with best?

Most of my clients have had their hearts broken by life in one way or another, but they are not “victims”.  That’s why they are willing to invest in themselves to succeed, and succeed they do!  In other words, if you are able to accept that no matter what has happened in the past, you alone are responsible for your own happiness, we can work together.

What kind of success are you talking about?

  • An accomplished writer couldn’t get published. After working with me, she was picked up by a major publisher, has enjoyed critical acclaim and now her book is being optioned in Hollywood.
  • A performance artist struggling with depression couldn’t pay the bills. Now, as a teaching artist, he offers workshops and is being awarded residencies in the United States and abroad.
  • After becoming a successful entrepreneur in ‘non-creative’ fields (due in large part to the strengths of his ADHD), this client really wanted to express himself artistically but didn’t know where to begin. Through coaching he has learned to focus in order to develop his talents as a writer and illustrator, and has melded these two skills into a cartoon franchise, with stop motion animation published on the internet and merchandising currently in development.
  • While she was a successful teaching artist, this client struggled with chronic autoimmune disease and when she came to me, she had no focus, energy or strength left to pursue her own creative projects. Through coaching, she was able to protect the time she needed to take care of herself, and has created the space in her life to compose and collaborate again.

What is expected of me as a client?

  • When you work with me, you are expected to show up for sessions on time and give at least 12 hours notice if you need to reschedule.  I understand that freelancing and work in creative fields can be unpredictable, which is why I require 12 and not 24 hours notice, but you should prioritize showing up for your session time regularly.
  • You are expected to do your assignments and reach out to me if you have problems so that you keep moving forward. I expect you to keep it real and tell me when something I say or do isn’t working for you, or if you are having a problem of any kind that is taking away from your ability to get what you need from the coaching relationship.  You may as well since I’ve got your money.  I charge in advance of sessions so that you have skin in the game!
  • I expect payment to be on time without having to deal with credit or debit cards being declined repeatedly and for you to keep me informed of any changes such as billing information or circumstances that inhibit your ability to pay.  Once I’ve taken you on as a client and see that you’re doing the work, I’m invested and am committed to working through whatever is necessary to insure your success.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

I’m always a bit flummoxed by this one.  Have you ever asked a lawyer or a doctor for a money back guarantee?  With me there’s probably less of a risk because I actually return phone calls.

Who won't this work for?

  • People who want to be rescued or taken care of because they are hurting.  There is nothing wrong with that and it’s nothing to be ashamed of, but if you  feel this way, you probably need to invest in  therapy before you can benefit from coaching.  I like to say that therapists are like car mechanics, while coaches get in the car with you and help you learn to drive, enjoy the ride and arrive at your desired destination.  (I will add that if you have the resources, doing therapy and coaching concurrently works beautifully, as long as you’ve done enough work in therapy for the car to run.)
  • If you don’t get the value of what I do and hence begrudgingly pay my fees, then you are not ready for my coaching.
  • Coaching won’t work if you expect me to do the work for you.  For example, not being willing to push past ‘I don’t know’ in response to every question.  ‘I don’t’ know’ is code for ‘I want you to give me the answers.’  That’s like trying to get in shape by paying someone else to exercise for you.
  • People with no sense of humor about themselves or life are not a good fit for me. I love to laugh!  You need to have, or be willing to develop a sense of humor.  I strongly advise this whether you work with me or not.  You’ll probably live longer.

What are your offerings?

Group coaching, Private Life and ADHD, career coaching, Activist Activation Coaching, and private intensives, also called ‘VIP’ sessions that last up to four hours.

How do we meet and how long are the sessions?

We can meet any way you like!  My services are offered world-wide via phone, skype, zoom, in person or any combination of those mediums. Sessions are 45 minutes long.

What will we cover in our work together?

Whatever is stopping you from getting what you truly want.  My job is to help you come up with and implement strategies and action plans to prevail over whatever is in your way, and to support, troubleshoot and hold you accountable as you undertake these actions and move towards your goals.

I know I need help but what if I can't afford it right now?

Before you decide that, ask yourself: “how can I pay for coaching?” or brainstorm that question with a friend.  I find that when we really want something, we find a way to have it.  Think about something in the past that was very expensive but you knew you needed it so you found a way to pay for it by raising, or asking someone for the money, or by borrowing it.  If you don’t recognize coaching as something like that, then you’re probably not ready for it.  If paying a coach really is unrealistic, you can go here to find free coaching by supervised coaches-in-training.

Do you accept credit cards and if so which ones?

I accept all major credit cards.

Do you have payment plans?

You can save significantly by paying quarterly, every six months, or a full year at progressively discounted rates!

How long do people go for coaching?

Some people come to me with a very clear idea of their desired outcomes and finish in as little as three months. Others see me as their ‘secret weapon’ and have been with me for years!

Will I recover my investment and how long will that take?

The fact is, an investment in the right coaching will help you earn more money. That said, the value you will derive from coaching cannot be measured solely in terms of fiscal ROI.  Your entire way of thinking will be impacted for the better.  Plus my lawyer told me not to answer that.

How do I know whether you’re the ‘right coach’ for me?

Great question!  We need to have a chat to see how our chemistry is.  I am experienced at recognizing my clients and refer appropriately when required.  Please schedule a free consultation by writing or if you prefer, text or call 917 804 9572.

I’m ready. What are next steps?

Please schedule a free consultation by writing or if you prefer, text or call 917 804 9572.  And please, do me a favor: give  yourself the time and space to be fully present for our time together.  You wouldn’t schedule a consultation with a doctor and then phone in for it from the middle of traffic.  Even though the consultation is free and will be remote, give yourself some privacy.  Be somewhere with out distraction and allow a  half hour for the call, so that we can really connect and you can get the most our of our time together.  I respect your time and take these consultations very seriously.  So should you.

How often do we meet?

Unlike other coaches who meet with clients three times a month, I believe consistency is very important, so I meet with clients every week! (With the exception of the last two weeks in August and the week between Christmas and New Years).

What if I have to miss a session?

I require at least 12 hours notice for missed sessions.  I need to charge you for the missed session if I get less than that.  If you cancel in a timely manner, you may reschedule within the month of the missed session. (Note: I do have a ‘1-strike’ policy.  Only the dead don’t make mistakes, so everybody gets one strike, including me!)

Is there homework?

Yes!  The homework is you changing your life for the better via the new habits and plans we design together.

Do I have access to you between sessions?

Yes.  You can write me, call me, or text me.  Calls up to 5 minutes are included in all packages.  I will get back to you within 48 hours if we need to talk.  (If it’s truly an emergency, call 9-1-1.)   You may write or text me as often as you like, I can commit to two replies via email or text per week. (I’m a big believer in under- promising so that I can overdeliver!)  If I become unavailable for any reason, I will let you know and we can discuss a fallback if you feel it is necessary.  I do not coach or return calls or correspondence between sundown on Fridays and Monday morning at 10:30AM.

What is the meaning of your tattoo?

You can read all about that here.

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