Client Testimonials

“An enlightening session amongst other entrepreneurs in a safe space to explore where I am at now and what my plan of attack is for the upcoming year. So many takeaways that it will take time to process through them all. Looking forward to the next one!”

“Rahti has the rare skill of being able to hear what you are really saying. She guided me as I sorted through the many ideas I had regarding my professional life and ultimately led me to the nugget. Along the way, she helped me work through some heavy career- and life-related issues, setting me off with a clear head to enthusiastically pursue my new career. I can’t thank her enough.” 

“Working with Rahti has finally changed my approach to doing my artwork. Rahti is always able to pull from her vast resources of knowledge–giving guidance, encouragement, and gentle admonitions if necessary. She guides you with nuts and bolts-advise like having a family “business” meeting to more nurturing spirit-supporting tools. Every pearl of wisdom is tailored to each specific person though most advise is eagerly embraced by all the participants. I cant stress enough how important it is to have a community of folks who are struggling with common difficulties and are able to support and encourage one another. Having this group, with Rahti as our coach–rah rah! has meant making real strides in staying on track with my work.”

“As a coach, Rahti has made a tremendous difference in my college age son’s ability to understand and implement skills needed by the young professional in the creative arts field.  Rahti’s personal yet very professional approach is educational AND motivational with impressive results.”

“Rahti has not only helped me understand the importance of deadlines, she’s helped me meet them! Rahti manages to be positive without being Pollyanna – she is funny, insightful and inspiring. She has the ability to help you value and believe in yourself, even when you’re feeling your least creative. Thanks to Rahti, I’ve finished lots of small projects and have finally started writing a novel. Most importantly, since working with Rahti, I’ve started writing consistently.”

“A year and a half ago I was temping and finding I had no time to develop my career as a solo-performer and educator, and today I am fully immersed in my creative life.  With Rahti, I was able to create a plan for moving toward my career goals: I wanted to find a way to live as a teacher, solo performer and actor…and today, that is exactly what I do.  I believe Rahti’s guidence put me on the right path; I highly recommend her!”

“Joining a Artist Mom Support Team has really helped me live up to my potential as both a mom and a freelancer. We have been meeting for two years. The group is run and guided by Rahti, and she does it with strength and clarity. These women have become a source of support that I can’timagine being without.”

“I have been able to isolate and focus in on what is needed to approach my music with clarity. Helping to create the space and get back to the creative task at hand. A difficult undertaking when one becomes overwhelmed with the necessities of daily life. Rahti has helped me to become more directed, accountable and aware so I can fulfill the creative obligation I have with myself. No easy task. I recommend her to anyone who has the need to reclaim his or her creative self. Her methods are practical and transformational simultaneously.”

“At a very difficult moment in my life Rahti helped me to get organized, prioritize, reinvest myself in my work and make things move forward in my field.  Consequently, I had a solo show in The Netherlands which then snowballed into other shows.  I really appreciate Rahti’s careful and generous guidance.  She knows how to get to the center of it.”

“When I started the coaching program, I was unable to focus on completing a rough draft of my novel. Checking in weekly with coach Rahti helped me prioritize what was most important to me and my writing. She also helped me by suggesting different strategies to realize my goal. End result? I have completed my rough draft and am confident my next steps will be supported by everything I have learned during the coaching process.”

“Having just graduated college, I found myself pulled in every direction.  My representation, my family, my friends, and especially I had high expectations for my future.  I didn’t know where to start—which direction would bring me the quickest success?  It was overwhelming to see the bar raised so high, and to feel so empty.  However, after speaking with Rahti, I realized that I was looking for confidence within these expectations rather than within myself.  So we did some spring-cleaning—life maintenance—focused on setting smaller goals more within my control.  And now I find myself excited by all of the directions I am being pulled, seeing each as a great opportunity rather than just another chance for failure.  I learned not to be hasty in trying to control where my life is going, but rather to set tangible goals towards my path most desired.  It is in this advice that I have found myself a more focused and indeed a happier artist. “

More Reviews From Yelp

I highly recommend Rahti and have found all of the previous reviews to be true to my own experience! I needed a reboot to my creative process and she’s helped me get there with excellent guidance and a much needed renovation of my thought process that was holding me back.

Rahti is a force of nature who takes no prisoners. She keeps me laser-focused on my goals and doesn’t tolerate vagueness or equivocation. She is both cheerleader and taskmaster. I wouldn’t have gotten even half as much done without her.

I coached with Rahti for a period of 6 months. At the beginning I was unsure about the direction my art career was taking and I was full of doubts and uncertainties. She helped me see more clearly and gain more confidence in myself and my own abilities, by clearing my path of the emotional muck I had been carrying all along. With various strategies and problem-solving techniques, I have been able to recover from crises more quickly and take the reins of my life once more. Now I have an art studio and a more consistent art practice and above all, I have created a solid support system in terms of emotional strength and external resources. Thank you Rahti.

I met Rahti through a friend and have benefited greatly from her creative coaching. She is smart, authentic, committed, reliable, grounded and extremely creative. She is a real out of the box thinker who rattles off ideas fluently, and at the same time can think with laser focus. I enjoy her no-nonsense, no dogma approach. I recommend Rahti as a coach for any of life’s circumstances be it relationship, health, home or career. She’s the real deal with over 20 years of experience.

As an entrepreneur it is hard to know where to focus your time and energy each week. Coach Rahti was able to cut through my overwhelming list of all the things I wanted to focus on and I was able to develop a new and effective action plan. I felt like I was FINALLY moving in the right direction and with weekly follow-ups I keep the momentum going. Her service is a wonderful thing!

As a coach, Rahti has made a tremendous difference in my college age son’s ability to understand and implement skills needed by the young professional in the creative arts field. Rahti’s personal yet very professional approach is educational AND motivational with impressive results.

I am an accomplished person with a family, friends, my own business and I go to the gym at least 3 times a week. For many years I planned creative projects, started creative projects and ached to work on my creative projects, but did not/could follow through. I was filled with frustration, guilt and regret. I contacted Rahti at Creative Coaching. She helped guide me to develop skills which strengthen behaviors that allow me to complete my creative work. She helped me discover the source of my creative roadblocks and how to move them or maneuver around them. I always thought I could do it myself, but I could not. Finding Creative Coaching helped me help myself! Thank you Rahti!!!

As an independent artist and primarily solo creator, it was important for me to find someone’s help to cut through the clutter when there’s too much on my plate. I’m so glad I found Creative Calling Coaching. My sessions with Rahti have been insightful, wise and to the point. Her expertise in assisting me to stay on track and make creative breakthroughs has been a real gift.

I just completed my 6 month program today and wanted to leave my thoughts so people know just how spectacular Rahti is. At the beginning of my program I communicated to Rahti what my dream was which was to work on music videos as an editor. I couldn’t fathom that on the last day of my program I would be interviewing at one of the most respected post houses that produces commercials/music videos/short films. I actually have another interview next week as well with a great finishing post house. She instinctively knew how to get out of me what I never knew I had. For example, helping me prioritize my scattered thoughts into deadlines and accomplish them. I am leaving with solid patterns of how to navigate not just my career, but life itself. I will forever appreciate how she’s helped change my life.

I have done more in 3 weeks than I have in the 7 years since I’ve began my career journey. Rahti is easy to talk to, non-judgmental, recognizes your strengths and how to play to them. In my case she has shown me how easy it is to make a decision, not overthink and keep pushing forward with my goals. Also, when I first started reaching out to life coaches to hire/collaborate with I remember she stood out because of how timely her responses were and how experienced she was. This wasn’t her first rodeo. Her process makes sense and works. I also never feel like I’m on the back burner with her which is important when you’re investing not only your time, but your hard earned money. I am truly appreciative to have her and am looking forward to the continuing months.

Rahti was recommended to me through a friend and is worth every penny. I’ve worked with her for only 3 months thus far, but in that short time she has helped me to visualize and plan the next few years of my life, as well as orchestrate the recording and production of my first album. The small but supportive community she has formed with her Creative Entrepreneur Success Club has been as valuable to me as any individual work we did. Isolation is the enemy of success!

For years I had been intrigued by life coaching, and was lucky to find Rahti sooner rather than later. I wasn’t sure quite what I was looking for, other than assistance to be all that I knew I could be, and what I have gotten are tools to do just that. Rahti helps me
find systems that work for ME in managing my life & personal business. She is ‘on my team,’ coaching me through and out of the nitty-gritties of procrastination, time management and gaining clarity with my finances. My quality of life, sense of self, productivity, and greater vision of my life’s potential have expanded since working together.

(the reviewers name comes up as Kevin but it is Mari–his wife)
My first session with Rahti was pivotal! I was inspired. She was able to walk me through some steps to prioritize my goals and give me some tools to stay on track. I used these tools and referred to our notes as I focused on my projects.
After about a year I knew I could benefit from more intensive coaching and decided to join one of Rahti’s groups for mothers who want to nurture their creative talents. I have been a part of this group for several years now.
Rahti never fails to inspire and challenge us. She has a big “”bag of tricks”” that she uses to challenge and motivate us. That, plus Rahti’s funny and zesty personality, means there is never a dull moment and always lots of good stuff to take home and apply between sessions.
Thanks to Rahti’s coaching I am more directed, more confident, and have the benefit of support of other creative women with similar issues to mine. I have finally finished projects. I rented studio space and have gone there more often and with more commitment than I would have without Rahti’s coaching. I highly recommend her services.

As a creative professional, I’ve found Rahti’s help to be indispensable. She’s very caring and incredibly smart, with an uncanny ability to figure out where the problems REALLY lie and a full and flexible set of tools to aid you in finding the best way to resolve them. She can dig deep and also guide you in a practical way to stay (or get back) on track.

Since April 2011 I’ve met with Rahti once a week. She helps me visualize / map out different scenarios for upcoming meetings and projects, which I find very useful. She explores by asking me questions that normally I do not ask myself, from different angles than what I am thinking. This expands my thought process and quickly helps me realize the direction to go.

Her approach is not to prescribe, but to explore. I often come to my own conclusions with her help and she holds me accountable for making improvements that overall make me happy. Talking her with about topics that I tend to put off is especially useful because it encourages me to tackle these tasks rather than the procrastinate on them.

I recommend Rahti as a life coach!