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Mental Fitness Bootcamp!

November 5, 2022 @ 12:00 pm

Hello brilliant and phenomenal but scattered creatives!

Is this you…?

  • Are you easily overwhelmed by what it takes to progress with your goals so that you spend most of your time procrastinating?
  • When you feel “triggered” or distracted by something or someone, does it derail your agenda for the rest of the day?
  • Do you find yourself quitting or getting discouraged when something you’re working on gets negative feedback, or you think someone else has already done it better than you could?

Ever feel like…

  • You’re not where you “should” be by your age?
  • You’re stupid or lazy?
  • You want to do something like write a book or a play, paint, develop an app – but can’t even start because you’re afraid that it won’t be any good?

Have you ever…

  • Sent an email that’s gotten you into big trouble?
  • Stopped doing something you really love because you’re afraid of, or don’t think you could handle negative feedback?
  • Spent years in therapy figuring out why you can’t have the life you want, and once you know why, you still can’t seem to follow through on the things you really want to have, make or do?

Mental Fitness:

The ability to regulate your emotions so that how you feel doesn’t stop you from getting and doing what you want.

Here’s the ‘How’ I’ve created in partnership with the folks over at Positive Intelligence. It’s a program for people just like us:

The CCC Mental Fitness Bootcamp

A virtual six-month training to develop the mental muscles to thrive as a creative with ADHD


In this program, you’ll discover…

  • The skills to be able to recenter yourself when you become emotionally dysregulated so that you can stay focused and on task.
  • How to live a life of ease and flow instead of constant struggle.
  • Which of your demons aka “saboteurs” are running the show under the guise of “helping you” while making you miserable.
  • How to take control away from those saboteurs by developing your “Sage Muscles”, thus developing stronger Executive Functioning.
  • How to use Positive Intelligence to make better choices and resist self-destructive behaviors such as ‘going ballistic’, procrastinating or meeting everybody else’s needs but your own!

So How Much Does This Program Cost???

Normally, you would have to hire me for private coaching to get this training, which costs $647 per month…

The value of  six months in the PQ program alone is $1,107.50.  That is without the benefit of a coach at all!  And not just any coach…an ICF and ADHD certified career and business coach with 19 years of experience in the field! Clients pay me $3,700 for a six month private coaching package.

But I really wanted to get this cutting-edge methodology to as many creatives and beautifully divergent thinkers as possible. 

Why? Because the world needs you and the meaningful work you are meant to be doing more than ever right now.

The total value of this program is $4,807.50

But you’re not going to pay $4,807.50. You’re not even going to pay $2,500, or even $2,000…

The CCC Mental Fitness Bootcamp can be yours for just $1497 (or 2 payments of $775, or 6 monthly payment of $275)


If you join before October 29th, you can save an extra $97. Get the Early Bird Discount now and join for $1400! 

Just use code: EARLYBIRDPQ

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November 5, 2022
12:00 pm