Haven’t been here in a while. Recovering from the somber fact that I must take more agency over my health. In doing so, I’ve forgone my daily glass of wine in the last couple weeks (yes, good for the heart. but bad for sinus problems), am avoiding gluten and dairy and being more moderate around my favorite drug of choice, sugar. Caffeine, forgettaboudit.

I will not be a fascist with myself. ‘Everything in moderation, including moderation’ a now-deceased friend of mine used to say. Being immoderate is not what killed him, by the way. But that’s another story.

As we surge headlong into the season of overconsumption and ruthless temptations, it helps to stay close to center. For me, meditation and scribbling ala Julia Cameron in the morning helps. Once you’re centered, that is, in touch with true self, as in the mind, not the brain…it becomes more difficult to be pulled into that which you know will make you feel crummy. Pain is a great motivator. The next time you feel that sense of balance remember how it feels to lose it, and in that moment be grateful. It will stick around longer that way.