I received one too many Covid Precautionary posts and it sent me over the edge. It referenced “unnecessary trips to the store.”

Who’s going to the store unless they need something? And if you do, follow the rules! (Guess which ones.)

I know I’m responsible for my reactions and behavior, but I started snapping at my son and husband (we have each other’s lives in each other’s hands right now, after all) because they’re touching shopping bags as I disinfect everything….because…poison paper! (we’re in an apartment and can’t leave them outside in a non-existent garage, as alarmingly recommended.) Yes, yes… the virus can stay on porous stuff like cardboard for up to 24 hours…I know I know.

Word is this thing isn’t letting up anytime soon. There is a lot of understandable outrage over other people’s behavior. A friend of mine told me a story today. You know the one:

I was in the local convenience store the other day. One person at the register was paying for items… the next person stood on the duct tape “X” six feet behind the person paying at the counter, so I stood about six feet back of the next in line. A girl on a cell phone sucking out of a straw approached the line and glared at me over her sunglasses for standing so far away. I answered her glare with, ” keeping my distance.” As she cut to another line I heard her mumble, “we’re all going to get sick anyway.” That’s what we’re up against.

“Well, she’s not invited to dinner!” I told him. To which I quickly added, “that it was a joke.” I mean, I didn’t need to… he got it… he didn’t think I was having people over…


I saw a nanny in the CVS with an infant in a carriage and she did not have gloves on or a mask…

Well, there are conflicting views on that. The main thing is to wear one when you’re sick as I understand it, in which case you don’t go out at all.

At this point, the old stand up comedian in me feels a need to start finding some humor in all this. We have to. Covid infractions are the new outrage porn. The trouble with outrage porn is that it does no good and just breeds more anxiety.

Yes, there are people who don’t seem to get it out there. Avoid them. There are two battles going on right now: one is against the virus, and the other is against our ability to be happy, focus, and continue to do good work.

Don’t let the first battle make you lose the second. It doesn’t have to.

Here are a couple of tips that will help you you win the second battle. Apply the rule of three to this simplified version of the “workday sandwich:”

  1. I’m doing my 3 gratitudes every morning. As saccharine as that sounds, it works. As I’ve often said, you can’t feel stressed, angry or anything else at the moment you’re feeling grateful for something. It’s just not possible.

  2. Decide on 3 priorities for the day. Take care of them early. That way you win regardless of what happens later or how you feel.

  3. Repeat with 3 gratitudes once you’re in bed.

Please let me know how that goes and post your successes on my Facebook page!