It sounds like a cliche but it’s true…

My experience continually shows me how the longer I live the less I know.

Take for instance the first big leap I experienced as a coach in terms of growing my business. It came via a healing session with a business coach.

A healing session with a business coach?


Any-hoo, this coach, who had endowed me with marketing systems galore, knew I’d hit a wall when, regardless of my application of her strategies and techniques, I could not fill my practice.

That’s when she pulled out her metaphysical gun. 

She took me through a healing contemplation that included a past life regression using a technique called Theta Healing.

Fast forward about two weeks, and my practice was full. Not just full for the first time in my coaching career, but filled with six month clients when previously I had struggled to land a three month commitment from anyone.

I don’t know why it worked, but it did. This was not the first time in my life I’ve exclaimed ‘Hail to the Woo!’, but it had been a while.

Since then, I’ve gone on to study and learn how to practice Theta Healing as an adjunct to my own coaching practice.  

When the circumstances are appropriate, I have applied this healing technique in session. Sometimes it creates a breakthrough, sometimes it seems I’ve made the wrong call, like with one particularly stuck client.  After she consented and I led her in a healing, she ghosted, never to return to finish her coaching package. Oh well.

I somehow don’t think it was because she was ‘healed’ and didn’t need my coaching anymore.

Ergo, let me amend what I’ve just said: It’s not like I’m a healer now and boom that’s one more thing in my tool kit. I am continuing to study and practice with the folks who taught my coach.  

As such, my aptitude and skills are ever-evolving. As I hope yours are. Our aptitude and skills should be ever-evolving in work and in life. I am of the belief that as a species we either keep learning or start dying, quite literally.

Actually, this post isn’t just about the feasibility of out-there New Agey stuff.  It’s about not knowing shit in general.

Quantum physics aside, Conventional Reality, in other words, the one where we all agree that water is wet and rocks are hard as the trainers at Landmark, formerly known as EST liked to say, is infinitely complex without even starting to consider what may or may not be ‘beyond the veil’. It is impacted, defined and redefined by innumerable perspectives. No one can see from anyone else’s vantage point, no one has come up through the same experiences nor shared the identical transgenerational and physical emotional inheritances. 

We can’t even agree on the idea that because we’re all human, we’re all of equal value on a group or individual basis! History has shown, and I wager you cannot look at what’s going on in the world today, without realizing that whole populations are viewed by other populations as totally, and preferably, expendable.

And what’s most distasteful to even begin to consider is that everyone, everyone is acting out of what they believe, even when they believe they have to do some unspeakably hideous things in the service of what they think is “right”.

In coming to this conclusion, I’ve formulated a question that I think is important to consider: If you acknowledge climate change, then you acknowledge the existence of our individual carbon footprints. 

I believe what underlies each of our carbon footprints is our individual existential footprint. 

Here’s an example of what I’m describing: It’s actually easier to be kind than consistently recycle. Kindness comes from a loving place, and when we love we are less likely to waste, we are more likely to be considerate and recognize worth in others. If we are truly living out of kindness and not just virtue signally in word and deed, I believe that will extend to our impact on the planet as individuals, recycling and all.

This belief keeps me sane because in the face of so many modern atrocities, managing my existential footprint is something I can do….day to day and moment to moment.

Many of us want to do more for good. That’s why I offer my Activist Activation Sessions. These are coaching sessions designed to ignite you in taking actions you identify as civically impactful. I offer these sessions when I can at a highly reduced rate and donate the money to the cause of your choice. 

As a coach I know that’s something I can do: be a catalyst for good.

Interested? You can learn more about it here.