Purpose will not find you. Sorry.

Shakespeare said: To Be…or not to be.  I say that’s a rhetorical question. You’re here. All you can do if you’re going to feel alive is  to be…

Sometimes it will come screaming in your face as in ‘the building’s on fire! Get everyone out!’ but mostly, it whispers from within because it is you , your very essence.

And then you get to fill in the blank.

To be helpful. To be honest.  To be resourceful….and then you add on at what. 

That’s actually the hardest part.

Again, sometimes the AT WHAT makes itself obvious, sometimes it does not. But it’s always there. 

Perhaps it is to be kind…to yourself…(like when you’re sick)  And then true kindness is in order, not self-harm.

Perhaps it is: To have fun…performing in front of an audience. 

To be effective … .at communicating an idea.

Purpose really doesn’t need to be any more complicated than that. 

My personal cue for naming my purpose is when I start rehearsing the future. That is always a dead-end, because whatever ‘future’ you’re rehearsing does not and will never exist.

That does not mean we don’t dream…we must! But a vision and what it elicits is not the same as ruminating on how to bring it about while in a state of isolation, and getting bolloxed up in not even knowing what to mentally rehearse toward that aim.

So my wish for you in 2024? 

Hear yourself from within and away from the din of life so that you can choose a purpose that moves you… 

If you choose to be moment to moment and move in the direction of creating that possibility..

Then you will live it into reality for the benefit of the rest of us!

Have a happy and blest year’s end.