Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up and feel as though you’ve been shot out of a cannon instead of like a car with a dead battery? As I get older, the latter seems to be more often the case, but I refuse to give in to the physical inertia that age induces that easily! 

So in the interest of your worthy ambitions for the coming year,  I propose the following three of many strategies to get unstuck physically and a mentally:

1. Get out of isolation

WHY: Without outside input, we are limited to our own beliefs and perspectives.When our isolated ruminations have led us to a stuck place, it stands to reason that we would do well to pursue some objectivity. Not just the canned stuff via podcasts and books, I’m talking about connection: reaching out for some real live other person’s perspective.

2. Turn some music on and dance.

WHY: Music, like food, affects us on a cellular level. It literally changes our brain chemistry, as does any exercise. Chances are a current stuckness is partially caused by inertia. And rather  than the all-or-nothing thinking of needing to ‘go exercise’ for 45 minutes, turning on a three minute song that gets your heart pumping, to which you easily dance like no one is watching, will do the trick. 

It’s so easy, we forget to do it. But it’s powerful!

3. Switch to doing something else

WHY: When we put away a problem and come back to it, it allows our subconscious to do the heavy lifting of deducing an unconscious ‘how’.  

Often upon return to a blocked project, our next moves have somehow become apparent. I’m a little wary of giving this bit of advice to people with hyperactive minds because it can be mistaken for just staying on the surface of things and flitting around from one project to another without completion…but when you feel as though you’ve truly hit a wall and aren’t just bored, stepping away and towards something else can prove the opposite is true.

You may want to post these three strategies on the wall and look at them first thing in the morning to give yourself a needed jump-start. 

Please let me know how it goes!