What if you really believed you were a good person who was doing the absolute best they could every minute of every day?

‘I do believe that.’

No you don’t. Hear me out here.

If you REALLY believed you were a good person doing the best they can every minute of every day, chances are you wouldn’t be labeling yourself things like ‘lazy,’ ‘a procrastinator,’ ‘a phony,’ or a ‘loser’.

If you REALLY believed you were 1. A good person 2. Doing the best you can 3. Every minute of every day…chances are you wouldn’t be beating yourself up when you feel stuck.

You’d be curious.

That’s much more useful.

You’d know you weren’t your mistakes. You’d know you are not to blame for your ADHD or other neuropsychological condition. 

You’d know that whatever has transpired so far is the result of a state of being, behavior or situation you don’t fully understand or know how to deal with

Then what would you do?

You wouldn’t think you ‘should know’. You wouldn’t think ‘I don’t deserve it.’ You wouldn’t think you ‘should’ be able to figure it out alone. 

You’d look for help. 

After all: You’re a good person doing the best you can. That includes thinking the best you can, with the brain you have. Because you can’t know what you don’t know.

For that matter, right now you can’t even know what you do know.  

But if you’re willing to get to know your ADHD brain, you’ll find out you know a lot more than you thought you did about getting unstuck.

Right now, you need help learning how to help yourself. 

That’s the job of an ADHD coach.

You’re a good person doing the best you can. You deserve this.

Reach out. Let’s talk.